Exciting Advancement That Harnesses Electricity to Promote Healing

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Bioenergetics | 0 comments

I spotted this exciting article recently and wanted to share it with you: Scientists Use Electricity to Make Wounds Heal 3x Faster. It’s yet another example of how important the body’s own electrical field is when it comes to helping the body heal, which is a big focus in my practice.

To summarize, scientists have developed a biochip that uses electricity to accelerate wound healing up to three times faster than usual. Electric fields guide skin cell movements, and the human body even generates its own electric field for this purpose.

Researchers from the University of Freiburg wanted to enhance this effect, particularly to benefit elderly people, diabetics, and those with poor blood circulation who suffer from slow-healing wounds. The team created a bioelectronic platform to grow artificial skin made of keratinocytes, which are essential for healing. They found that applying electric fields to one side of a wound resulted in the fastest healing time.

The next step is to test this approach on actual wounds in living humans and develop practical applications.

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