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Bamboo fusion massage, sometimes referred to hot or warm bamboo massage, is a technique that uses gently heated bamboo sticks for kneading tight muscles and rolling out muscle tension. This organic therapy is believed to have healing properties that improve flexibility and range of motion, reduce inflammation, and promote overall healing.

Much like hot stone massage, the soothing heat from the bamboo penetrates your muscles, triggering the body’s automatic relaxation response and making it easier for your therapist to access underlying areas of tension. Bamboo delivers pressure evenly, allowing specific deep tissue work without the “poky,” often painful feel of thumbs. 

It promotes a deep sense of well being and delicious relaxation. Many clients report that the positive effects of the bamboo tools seem even longer lasting than other types of deep tissue massage.

Depending on your specific needs and desires, this customizable bamboo massage will begin with a therapeutic assessment and may include any or all of the following techniques & modalities: relaxation, deep tissue, reflexology, lymphatic work, biomechanical balancing, myofascial release, crainosacral therapy, meridian therapy, trigger point therapy, and assisted stretching.

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