Enzymes, Energy, and You

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I wanted to share this fantastic article with you from the Trinity School of Natural Health website, The Connection Between Enzymes and Energy. It underlines the significance of a solid enzyme foundation for maximizing the efficacy of other health supplements. I’ll summarize it for you below, but the full article is worth the read.

Enzymes, critical for optimal health, play a key role in every bodily process. They enable vitamins, minerals, and hormones to function effectively. Live foods, such as raw, uncooked edibles, along with enzyme supplements, assist in preserving and replenishing our body’s enzyme levels. On the other hand, cooked food, deficient in enzymes, overburdens the pancreas as it struggles to produce the required enzymes, potentially leading to health issues like blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, and digestive troubles.

Our bodies rely on three enzyme types: metabolic, plant, and digestive enzymes. A lack of plant enzymes can result in inflammation, an enlarged pancreas, a toxic colon, and allergies. However, plant enzyme therapy offers benefits like improved nutrient absorption and reduced inflammation. Pancreatic enzymes, consisting of protease, amylase, and lipase, aid digestion and have been linked to positive outcomes in various conditions, including inflammation, heart disease, and cancer.

With age, the need for professional enzyme supplementation becomes more critical. Integrating plant enzyme therapy and pancreatic enzyme therapy, naturopathic clinics support the healing process effectively. These therapies synergize well with other approaches such as nutritional and herbal supplementation, pH balancing, and detoxification.

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