Bioenergetic Therapy

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Bioenergetic Assessment

The BioEnergetiX WellNES™ System scan provides a detailed look at how energy, communication, and emotions are impacting the body. [Details]


Stimulates muscles to improve overall heath, facilitate blood flow, and trigger the circulatory and vascular systems to perform more optimally. [Details]


Restores homeostasis and balance in the body through the application of gentle pressure to points on the feet. [Details]

Neurostim™ MPS Therapy

Can reduce sympathetic stress for the reduction of soft tissue pain.

Neurostim™ Vagal Nerve Reset

Stimulates the perepheral nervous system to lower blood pressure naturally, and reduce body-wide inflammation. [Details]

Foot Detox

Detoxifies the body through bioenergetic resonance into the water that then passes through the pathways of the body. [Details]

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